Busting the Myths about Aging

A part of living is to grow old; this is of course if you plan on living long.  Sadly, aging also brings about certain conditions that are not so attractive, such as wrinkles, stained teeth, sagging skin, decreased vision, hearing loss, and memory loss.  All these conditions are common with age.  However, there are certain myths about aging that seems somewhat true if you look it at a much narrower perspective, but when you broaden your perspective, the myth seems somewhat childish.

Myth 1 – To grow old means to grow senile

Truth: There are people who grow senile or demented with age possibly due to certain health and medical conditions.  It does not necessarily mean that you need to assume someone has Alzheimer’s disease just because they tend to be forgetful because being forgetful is part of the memory loss suffered from aging.  On studies conducted between the relations of Alzheimer’s and growing old, it showed that the majority of elderly they conducted their research on did not possess any signs of Alzheimer’s not any type of illness that can cause dementia.  This proves dementia is an avoidable mental condition with age.

Myth 2 – Don’t expect a sex life when you grow old

Truth: Sex is still existent among seniors.  In a survey conducted regarding this issue, they had 3,000 participants with ages ranging from 57 to 85.  According to the survey, the elderly, even in their 80s still participated in sex.  The only problem that they had regarding this was whether they were healthy enough to perform or that their partner was healthy enough to do so.  If both their health allowed it, nearly all of the participants were in accord that they will participating in sex with their partners.

Myth 3 – Depression will set in as you grow old

Truth: Probably the people who observed this myth had elderly people with them who were depressed about something.  The truth is, you will likely be upset if you failed to do many things for yourself and for your family.  When you think about this all the time in your golden age, then you will likely be depressed.  However, if you’ve grown old being able to do everything for your family and everything you’ve wanted, then there is no reason for you to be depressed.  In fact, even if you have not done anything good in your youth, as long as you have accepted it and not dwell on it much, then you won’t be depressed.  In addition, if they feel depressed, they can always take antidepressants for that.

Myth 4 – Women fears growing old

Truth: Nope, not true!  Probably the only women who fear aging are those who are vain about their look or are those who make a living out of their looks.  Models and celebrities that take pride in their looks are particularly included in this myth, but for most women, they have a different perspective on growing old.  In fact, there are even women who view aging as part of an adventure.  The outlook in life of most women does not include the viewpoint of those who are egotistic about their looks.  There is no problem in wanting to look younger, but to fear growing old is a bit sick.

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