Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The ability to achieve an erection is essential for sexual intercourse.  In order to be able to have and sustain one, a man needs to have a healthy nervous system, have healthy arteries near the penis, and have healthy smooth muscles that surround the corpus cavernosum.  If any one of these requirements is not met, the result will be erectile dysfunction.  The causes of erectile dysfunction are actually numerous, but most of the physical causes of ED somehow have direct or indirect violation of the essentials to have an erection.  The list below shows some of the more common causes of erectile dysfunction.

1. Aging – while aging may not really seem like a cause, the thing is, older men have much more frequency in experiencing ED than younger men.  This is because older men are likely to develop diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases involving the heart, all of which are associated to be the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

2. Diabetes – according to survey, diabetic patients are more prone into developing erectile dysfunction by at least 15 years earlier than non-diabetic patients.  In a study that spanned 10 years, researchers revealed that more than half of diabetic men who are at age of 50-60 have ED.  This clearly shows that men who have diabetes have an increased risk of having the condition mostly due to the likely onset of atherosclerosis which can restrict the blood flow in the arteries.  When there is no sufficient blood flow going to the penis, erection is not possible.  In addition, diabetes can also damage some of the nerves that can lead to an erection, a condition which they call diabetic neuropathy.

3. Hypertension – people with this condition have the risk of developing ED.  The most common type of hypertension is the essential hypertension.  The problem with this type of hypertension is that there is no identifiable cause that leads to the condition.  The reason as to how this condition causes erectile dysfunction is not clear.  However, some findings show that men with hypertension have low nitric oxide in their arteries, which include the arteries of the penis.  In addition to this, hypertension means there is an increased blood flow within the circulatory system, which may result in the acceleration of the development of atherosclerosis.

4. Cardiovascular Disease – atherosclerosis is the most common cause of cardiovascular disease.  This is basically the narrowing or the hardening down of arteries which greatly reduces blood flow.  Atherosclerosis can be greatly aggravated by hypertension along with fatty eating habits, diabetes, and smoking.  This condition is actually lethal, especially when the arteries involved are the coronary arteries and the cerebral arteries as heart attacks and stroke are likely to happen.  Once they are afflicted with atherosclerosis, it’s only a matter of time when such attacks strike.  Additionally, the insufficient blood flow causes by atherosclerosis can also have great effects on the erection process.

5. Medications – some prescription medications are known to have effects not just on a man’s libido, but also on his erection process.  Although each medications have different patterns on how they affect erection, the result is all the same.

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