Erectile Dysfunction and Its Associated Effects

Most people are aware that erectile dysfunction is the medical term for male penile impotence.  However, many are not aware that erectile dysfunction is not just about the inability to achieve an erection, but also the inability to sustain an erection and the inability to achieve a hard-enough erection suitable for penetration.

When it comes to this condition, men who suffers from it usually do not want to discuss the condition as they are not comfortable talking about it and that they are also embarrassed about it.  This can also be said when talking to a physician.  Oftentimes, what they do not realize is that consulting and discussing the issue with a medical specialist can sometimes bring about solution and results.

Erectile dysfunction is actually not a rare condition as millions of men in the United States alone suffer from the condition, to a degree or sort.  Since this is a very embarrassing condition as men loses part of what makes them a man due to this condition, it is believed that the number is actually much greater than what is being reported in statistics.  According to experts, they believe that this condition is likely to affect a quarter of the male population, with it occurring at least at some point in their life, whether temporary, permanent, or a recurring issue.

The main issue that will result in having erectile problems is mostly relationship issue and ego issue.  Having this condition means a man loses his self-esteem, particularly when it involves sex or even just the opposite sex.  The emotional and psychological stress suffered from having the condition often leads to depression, thereby making it even harder for them getting an erection.

Most often, it is the older men who suffer from this condition.  In fact, it is not strange to find a guy older than 60 years of age to suffer from this condition.  These days though, even younger men are beginning to suffer erectile dysfunction or have experienced the symptoms of some sort.  Sometimes, what leads to this condition in young men are not the usual causes of ED, but more like environmental factor, a seemingly mild issue, but when you add all of them up, say toxins, chemicals like fertilizers and insecticides, preservatives, synthetic food seasoning, pollution, bacteria, radio and microwave signals, and many more, it may very well be an issue that you can factor in among the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Regardless of what causes a man’s impotence issues, what is rather important to that person is how to overcome it, particularly when needed.  Fortunately, there are now oral medications that one can take in order to have actual use of his manhood, even though the effect is only temporary.  Even so, the effect is still long enough to allow them to participate in sexual intercourse without worrying about their manhood going limp.  One of the more notable oral medications being used today in treating erectile dysfunction is vardenafil.  What makes vardenafil popular with men with erectile issues is that it takes less dosage to have the same effect as that of the more popular brand like Viagra.  In addition, vardenafil also has lesser known side effects and is safe for use even for men who have diabetes and hypertension.  Despite this, utter care is still necessary when taking vardenafil.

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