Generic Tadalafil and Some of the Causes of Male Sexual Impotence

For most men, sex is a very important part of their life.  This is because sex not only gives them pleasure, but it also makes them feel manlier inside, especially if they know that they have pleased their woman.  However, when a man suffers from a condition called sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction, it makes him less of a man because he can no longer use his manhood for sexual intercourse.  Fortunately, these days, there are medications like tadalafil who can help men with erectile dysfunction to have a momentary use of penis so they can enjoy the pleasures of sex while at the same time, providing pleasure to their mates.  It is important for a man to please his woman because if he doesn’t or is no longer capable of doing such, it is possible that the female may seek pleasure from somebody else – something that no man can ever take.  Thanks to generic tadalafil though, couples can have a go whenever they have the urge for sexual pleasure.

The truth about erectile dysfunction is that it doesn’t just happen, but it is more of like caused and the penile impotence is simply the result.  The list below shows some of the factors that can cause male sexual impotence:

1. Medications – some of the ingredients of prescription medications can actually cause a man to not have any erection.  These medications would include pain medications, antidepressants, diuretics, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, chemo drugs, and many more.  If you suffer from erectile dysfunction that is caused by medications only, you will be relieved to know that upon stopping the medication you are taking, your normal condition of having natural erections will be reverted back.

2. Injury/Surgery – when you have injury or surgery, particularly near the groin part, it is possible that some of the blood vessels that supplies blood to your penis so you can get an erection have been severed.  For some this is only a temporary issue, but for most, this issue usually becomes permanent.  Fortunately, there are medications like generic tadalafil to help you gain an erection when you need it.

3. Disease – this is probably one of the more primary causes of erectile dysfunction.  The truth about this type of erectile dysfunction is that it is curable, provided that the disease causing the erectile dysfunction is also curable.  Common diseases that can cause sexual impotence in men are diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, prostate cancer, abnormal prostate enlargement, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, and many more.  Fortunately, medications like generic tadalafil can help you achieve an erection whenever you require one.

4. Stress – in these modern times, stress has become a huge portion of our life that nearly everything can stress us, like the stress of daily commute, stress of work, the stress to meet deadlines, the stress to provide for your family, the stress to please, and mostly the stress to make money.  All these stresses contribute in making the body fatigued.  Sometimes, even though there is an urge for sexual intercourse with the partner, the penis simply won’t stand up or stand up for too long.

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