Hair Loss Problems can be Solved with Finasteride 1mg

If you suffer from hair loss problems related to androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, then you are not alone.  There are actually millions of men all over the world who have this condition, something which many of them will prefer not to have.  Of course, the first path the most men take when they learn or notice they are having the symptoms related to male pattern baldness, such as the receding of hairline at the temples or the thinning of hair and the visibility of the scalp at the crown area, normally, they resort into using creams, shampoos, and ointments that are formulated to help grow hair or make hair strands much thicker. Basically an endeavor that is bound to fail as these products do not really address in treating male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is not exactly a debilitating condition but more like a vanity issue.  Nevertheless, most men would want to have their balding problem solved because they get embarrassed about it when friends point it out, people stare in silence, or when they see their pattern baldness in the mirror.  However, in order to truly solve male pattern baldness, the treatment they need is not in the form of topical treatment, but more like a medication that helps with the control of hormones related to androgenic alopecia, such as finasteride 1mg.  To date, finasteride 1mg is the only drug in existence that helps in fighting against hair loss issues caused by the androgenic alopecia.

Male pattern baldness is hereditary in nature.  This means that if your father, brother, or uncles are bald or are manifesting the symptoms, there is a possibility that you may have inherited this genetic trait which is why at some point in your life, say your late twenties to your early thirties, early signs of the condition will begin to manifest.  In order to stops its progression, you will need to use finasteride 1mg so that you will be able to prevent any loss of hair, or possibly improve the growth of hair on areas where hair has receded.

Finasteride 1mg can easily be considered as the true source of treatment for issues relating to hair loss.   The truth is finasteride 1mg did not start off as a drug for such because its manufacturer, Merck, intended finasteride as a drug treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  However, it was later found out that one of the drug’s side effects was actually a treatment for androgenic alopecia.  This led Merck into trying to find out the proper dosage for the said treatment which then so happened to be finasteride 1mg.  This accidental discovery of finasteride 1mg treatment over male pattern baldness is actually a breakthrough as there have been no other drugs like finasteride 1mg before it.  Millennia of research on how to treat baldness have all boiled down to finasteride 1mg, the one true treatment when it comes to treating baldness issues.

Since finasteride 1mg treats the condition of hair loss hormonally, it means that finasteride 1mg needs to be continuously taken throughout in order for the drug to have full effect.  If you stop taking finasteride 1mg for several months just because your hair has recovered, then all the treatment you have gone through will be lost as the hormone that you once tried to control with finasteride 1mg will have recovered in levels once again.  Make sure that once you take finasteride 1mg to continuously take it and never stop.

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