Have No Erectile Functions? Take Vardenafil Tablets

For any successful sexual intercourse, it is necessary that a man is able to produce an erection.  This is because without an erection, there will be no vaginal penetration that is going to occur.  This is actually the main problem of those who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) as they are unable to produce or sustain an erection that is satisfactory enough for a successful sexual intercourse.  Basically, without any erectile function, it simply means that a man cannot have sex.  Fortunately, there are now effective ED medications that men with penile impotence can use such as vardenafil tablets.  These vardenafil tablets enable men with erectile issue to have momentary use of their manhood for use in sex.

For those who are not aware, vardenafil tablets are actually the best when it comes to ED medications.  This is most likely because vardenafil tablets scores the highest in terms of efficacy.  The efficacy rating of vardenafil tablets is 86%, whereas the closest rival scores only 84%.  This higher efficacy rating is actually one of the many reasons why men with erectile dysfunction favor the use of vardenafil tablets over other ED drugs.  Having a higher percentage of efficacy means you have a better chance of getting the erection you need with vardenafil tablets as compared when you use other ED meds.

There are actually other ED meds available aside from vardenafil tablets, but only three are additionally notable – Viagra (sildenafil), tadalafil, and avanafil.  These three ED drugs including vardenafil tablets are classified as PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  This means that their main mechanism of action is to allow smooth blood flow towards the cavities inside the penis.  When the penis becomes engorged with blood, an erection will occur.  PDE5 inhibitor drugs, particularly vardenafil tablets, have a high rate of producing an erection despite having erectile issues.  This is of course considering that the erectile dysfunction is physically and not psychologically.

Although the four ED drugs mentioned are similar in their mechanism of action, due to the difference in the active ingredients they are made with to achieve such action, each ED treatment drug therefore have different overall effects, duration, as well as the severity of the side effect they give.  When it comes to overall effect and effectiveness, we already know that vardenafil tablets possess the highest rate of efficacy.  For the effective duration, however, it is tadalafil that holds the title.  Nevertheless, it is vardenafil tablets that is second to tadalafil when it comes to the effective duration.  When it comes to safety in terms of severity of side effects, vardenafil tablets possesses the least amount of side effects experienced.

Since all PDE5 inhibitor drugs have the same mechanism of action, it means that they possess similar side effects.  But due to the difference in ingredients used in making each type of ED drug, it means that the severity of the side effects to be experienced also differs.  This is actually another strong point of vardenafil tablets as you are less likely to experience any of the common side effects found in PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  This is why vardenafil tablets are the choice of many who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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