Is It Normal to Have Unwanted Erections?

When a boy reaches the age of puberty, the point where sexual maturity begins, he will be getting frequent erections, often during the most inappropriate moments.  Even at just the sight of a female wearing a swimsuit or other sexually enticing sight or graphics, he will, involuntarily, begin to have an erection.  This in fact is quite normal for young men at this age because if not, his personal sexual preference or interest will be questionable.

What is an erection?

An erection is basically when the penis becomes hard or swollen enough fit for sexual intercourse.  An erection occurs through sexual stimulation.  Once a man is sexually stimulated, signals from the brain are sent to the smooth muscles that line the penis and instructs it to relax so blood can be pumped inside the cavity inside the penis.  When this cavity becomes filled with blood, the penis then becomes swollen and engorged with blood.  The penis stays hard because there is a valve at the base of the shaft that prevents blood from gushing out of the cavity.  Once the man has reached climax or when the man is no longer sexually interested or stimulated, then the penis will begin to become limp.

The length of an erection differs depending on the mood and physical and mental state of the person.  If a man is physically or mentally exhausted, it is likely that his erection will only last briefly.  Sometimes, due to prolonged foreplay, the erection of a man suddenly becomes limp in the middle of the sexual intercourse itself.  This is not because the man has lost any sexual interest, but it is more of the cavity inside the penis needs to release the blood that has been pumped there.

What causes an erection?

As mentioned earlier, through sexual stimulus, which can be visually, mentally, or by touch, a man can have an erection.  Once the penis becomes erect, hard, and engorged with blood, the penis is now highly suitable for vaginal penetration.

During the puberty stages, the point of getting an erection is highly active that watching just sexy performances in TV can give them an erection.  In fact, this don’t just happen while watching TV, this can even happen in public which is, sad to say an embarrassing moment for any young men.  Despite that, the moment will just be a memory and something to laugh at when they’ve grown older.  We’ve been there and we’ve lived through it..

How to avoid erections in public?

You can invoke to have an erection yourself, but most of the time, you cannot control when and where you get an erection.  In order to avoid getting embarrassing erections in public, the best thing to do is to avoid looking or thinking in the first place.  For example, if you are wearing pants or shorts that will easily show you have an erection, then stop looking and thinking of things that may give you an erection.  If your crush is wearing something sexually enticing that you cannot help but imagine what is hidden underneath, then stop looking and stop thinking.  By doing this, you enable yourself not to get any unwanted erections.  However, if you think what your wearing can let you get away with having an erection, then by all means look, imagine, and fantasize as that is partly the joy in early sexual maturity.

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