Natural Remedies for Constant Hair Breakage

Any person who’s got hair that is limp, lifeless, and easily gets tangled always worry about their hairs’ overall condition.  This is because any of the condition recently mentioned means that the hair is damaged.  The truth is our hair can easily be damaged, particularly with the advent of so many styling and chemical treatment available today.  If you are in interested in reducing the limp appearance of your hair, then it is important that you treat your hair gently and stop using any harmful chemical treatments on your hair all for the sake of style.  By treating your hair gently, you inevitably help prevent any breakage to it.

Shampoo Less Often – this by no means does not instruct you to not shampoo at all.  What this means is to lessen the frequency of your shampooing.  The purpose of this is to allow the natural oils of your hair to set in and protect your hair from breaking off easily.  If you don’t feel tidy, then take a shower, but make sure you use a shower cap so that your hair will not get wet, or you can shower it together with your body, just do not shampoo your hair in the meantime.  Shampooing twice a week is recommended at this stage.  However, if you are a professional and requires to be well groomed, shampooing daily becomes a necessary activity.  In this case, you need to apply conditioner first, then shampoo, then rinse both together.  This way, many of the natural oils in your hair will be retained.

Do Not Brush Your Hair While it is Wet – brushing your hair while it is wet make it look a bit more easy because the brush easily glide among the hair strands.  While this is true for normal hair, for damaged hair, this is something that should be avoided.  Even if you have the urge to do it, for your hair’s sake, try to resist it.  For damaged hair, it is recommended to brush it only when it is dry.  This is because when hair is wet, it is saturated and breaks easily.  Should you brush an already damaged hair on the point where it easily breaks, then you do more damage than good.

Apply Some Mayonnaise Magic – while this may sound yucky, icky, sticky, or whatever you may call it, the thing is this process works.  This method is particularly helpful when your hair is void of any moisture, protein, or any nourishment.  The best thing about this method is that it not just makes your hair healthy, but that it also makes it much stronger.  To take advantage of this highly recommended hair nourishing technique, splash a healthy helping of mayonnaise on your hair.  Then massage the mayonnaise onto the roots of your hair with your fingertips as if you were massaging your scalp.  Once that is done, wrap up your hair in cling wrap or cellophane to prevent any of the mayo from dripping, then let is set for an hour or even overnight.  Once you are satisfied with the application, rinse your hair fully and then shampoo as normal.  Once you have dried your hair, you will be greeted with a very healthy shiny looking hair.

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