Prednisone Tablets As Treatment for Asthma

Prednisone tablets are oral steroids that can be prescribed for patients with asthma. For people who have worst cases of asthma, their doctors might prescribe them to take prednisone tablets for a short course. Oral steroids such as prednisone tablets can be taken if you have asthma that has become worst but do not need to be admitted in a hospital.

As what we have stated, prednisone tablets are a form of oral steroids used to treat inflammations and allergic condition caused by certain medical disorders, including asthma. When taking prednisone tablets for asthma treatment, the drug immediately goes to the blood stream, unlike the steroid inhalers that goes directly to the lungs to prevent inflammations. With prednisone tablets, you can control asthma attacks better and may treat hard to control asthma attacks that are long term. Sometimes doctors will also prescribe you with prednisone tablets in combination with other medications to treat the symptoms.

Apart from prednisone, doctors may also prescribe other medications like methylprednisolone, Deltasone, Prelone, Orapred, Decadron, and Pediapred. To treat asthma attacks, your physician may advise you to take high doses of prednisone tablets for a few days to burst steroid level. For long term asthma control, he may also prescribe with low dosages of prednisone tablets to be taken each day or every other day to manage symptoms.

A short burst of oral medication of prednisone tablets is generally safe; however, using it for longer periods or at higher dosages may indicate risks. Your doctor has to make sure first that the benefits weigh heavier than the possible side effects if you have to take it for a longer time, say more than a month, or at higher dosages. Do not change your dosing or the frequency of taking your prednisone tablets without a doctor’s notice. Follow the instructions given to you to attain success during treatment. If you need to take steroids more frequently as rescue therapy, you have to discuss this first with your physician as you will become more prone to infections and allergens.

More info about prednisone tablets

Aside from treating asthma, prednisone tablets are also used as treatment for inflammations caused by allergies, psoriasis, lung problems, leukemia, ulcerative colitis, and many others. The body generally produces its own prednisone of about 5 mg per day, so a dosage of about 10 mg of prednisone tablets should be safe to be taken once a day. However, a higher dose may require a thorough discussion with your doctor since risks can be higher during treatment.

The medications prednisone tablets work by inhibiting certain chemicals produced by the body that trigger inflammation. Prednisone tablets also supress the immune system temporarily to avoid hurting its own cells and tissues due to inflammations. Because of this, you become more susceptible to infections. It is therefore critical that you follow precautions to avoid catching the diseases. However, you must not take prednisone tablets if you are currently suffering infections in your body. You may discuss the use of prednisone tablets as treatment with your doctor for more details.


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