Sherry’s Journal: Week Nine

Well, Thanksgiving wasn’t so bad. I ate lightly during the day, snacked on vegetables and then took small portions of the main meal. I actually didn’t feel stuffed. Unfortunately, the only exercise I got for the day was housecleaning before the guests arrived. From the feel of my back the next day, I should have done major stretching before doing it!

For the rest of the week, I’d give myself a below average on the exercise and an okay on eating. I only exercised lightly three times during the week. And I do mean lightly — maybe 15 minutes each time. Yesterday, I went to the beach, but most of the time was spent retrieving the ball for Stoli or just running from waves.

Last night I discovered that I had left my week’s diary on the disk in my computer at work, and since I’m leaving for Japan this morning, I didn’t take the time to go and get it. I ate out a couple of times this week, but tried to be mindful of what I was ordering and balance it with light eating the rest of those days (three). The only time I felt overfull was Tuesday night when I ate (out) a pork tenderloin dish with spaghetti squash. It was so good that I ate it all. I also had a few more glasses of wine this week, with all the eating out and the holiday. I dropped a pound, coming back to 190.

As mentioned, I’m heading for another adventure in eating this week. I will be in Japan at an event, with one day at a tradeshow. I think it may be fairly easy to select lower fat items. I’ll just have to watch the salt intake with the miso and soy products. I think I can make it a good experience. I will most likely get some good walking time in, just being on the tradeshow floor and getting to the places I will need to be.

The real challenge will come with the rest of the month, as everyone begins the Christmas parties.

I will be back next week with a report of how to eat well and lose weight in Japan.

Sharon’s Reply

Nice job of reporting your efforts to contain the holiday eating. A good indicator that you have not had excessive calories is not having that “stuffed” feeling after the meal. I understand it is hard to write down all the food all of the time. It does get you in the habit of being very aware of how much you are eating, and then how to compensate. Congratulations on the scale drop.

I will be very interested in what you eat in Japan. What kind of junk food do they have at their gas stations? What is in the vending machines? What fruits are commonly available? How did you do on the flight? Did you order low fat meals? What is a typical breakfast served in Japan? How many McDonald’s did you see?

Waiting for your return!


Armand’s Reply


Housecleaning certainly counts as physical activity and does burn calories; of course, it is not the same as aerobic exercise in that it doesn’t do much for your cardiovascular fitness. You say you should have stretched beforehand in order to avoid the soreness you felt later. Actually, it would have been more beneficial if you had stretched after the chore, not before. Next time you are faced with a physical task like housecleaning, take the time to perform the Basic 10 Stretches afterward to ward off post-activity soreness and promote relaxation. Remember, your muscles are warmed up after an activity, making them prepared for a good flexibility routine

It’s too bad that your regular exercise program got shortchanged. Fifteen-minute sessions are not nearly as effective as 20 to 45 minutes of continuous activity. You need to push yourself at least an extra five minutes, preferably more, in order to reap the benefits you desire.

Again, playing on the beach and walking around a tradeshow IS physical activity and counts for something, but don’t let it be an excuse to slack off your regular exercise program. You need to stick to the regimen that was prescribed and then count any other activity as supplemental. In Japan, try to start the day early with an aerobic workout followed by stretches. I guarantee it will make your day better all around, by giving you more energy and making you more productive. If the morning doesn’t work for exercise, then be sure to schedule it in before dinner. You must make the time!

I’m counting on you, Sherry, to have a good report for me next week.


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