The Risks of Combining Metronidazole and Alcohol

Combining metronidazole and alcohol and is often not advisable due to the potential dangers it can carry. In fact, it is not only metronidazole that is forbidden to be taken together with alcohol but also with the other drugs as well. As what we might all know, all types of medications including the popular antibiotic medicine metronidazole has its own share of side effects. Generally, the side effects expected for metronidazole are minimal and tolerable. But the symptoms could be worsen when metronidazole and alcohol are combined together.

Somehow the alcohol has properties that can slow down the metabolism of the drugs in the liver. Normally, when you take any types of medications including metronidazole, the drug is being broken down in the liver. The breaking process will enable the body to absorb the important ingredients while disposing the rest of the chemicals. But this breaking down process can be slowed down with alcohol. As a result, the drug tends to stay longer in the system. The longer it stay in the blood stream, the higher your risk of getting the side effects. in fact, the adverse symptoms are being magnified with the presence of alcohol in the system.

In the past, there has been rare cases of patients that have experienced fatal side effects due to the combination of metronidazole and alcohol. Also there are only a few journals that tackle the potential risks of combining metronidazole and alcohol. However, the lack of study should not encourage you to take the dangerous combo. As what the most famous quote says, prevention is better than cure. So instead of taking alcohol while on treatment, you can defer your simple pleasures until the treatment period is over. This way you can ensure that you get healed as soon as possible while being safe from the dangerous side of the drug.

More information about metronidazole

Metronidazole is an antibiotic medication that can treat a wide variety of bacterial infections, including certain infections caused by parasites. Often times, metronidazole can be taken alone without the need of combining with other medications due to its high quality outcomes. Doctors recommend only a minimum dosage of metronidazole because it is generally sufficient to cure an infection.

You may use metronidazole to treat infections of the kidney, the bladder, the respiratory system, the skin, and even the digestive tract. Prior of taking the antibiotic drug, make sure that you are taking the right dosage. The dosage may vary per individual and also with the severity of the infection. If you are currently taking other medications then you are recommended to consult your doctor first whether taking metronidazole with your other medications is safe.

Never stop taking metronidazole until the end of the treatment period or the doctor tells you to do so. This will ensure that no traces of bacteria are left in your system. Never share your drug with other people. And lastly, never take metronidazole and alcohol together to get the optimum outcomes of your treatment.

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