Week One

Overall, I think I had a pretty decent week. I went from 204 to 200 pounds. In the previous couple of weeks prior to starting I slacked off on exercise and was not watching my food intake. Call it a break, if you will, before starting the program.

As far as diet, this week I learned that, beef sure makes my fat grams tilt. I have been tracking nutrition information and listing by day. Would you rather have by meal?

Exercise was OK for the week, however on Monday I went for an hour walk with a friend to help motivate them into exercise. I did not get much out of it but it was better than nothing and helped my friend. There is no excuse for missing Saturday and Wednesday other than I just got lazy.

I will be glad when the weather gets warm so I can do more outdoors. It is hard to not do the same cardiovascular workout twice in the same week. I can see where it will be beneficial to mix it up as much as possible to use different muscles.

That’s it for this week. I will just continue and see what happens.


Good job keeping food records! You can use the two side columns to track fats and proteins right across from the foods. You offered very useful information-I hope it was helpful for you, too.

You averaged 2,008 calories, 234 grams carbohydrates, 144 grams protein, and 55 grams of fat. It looks like 2,000 calories may be a weight loss intake for you at your exercise level.

I am concerned, however, that your protein intake is a bit too high. How many ounces is a package of lean beef? How much protein is in the whey powder product you use? If you notice, your protein intake really jumps above recommendations on the days you used the whey protein powder. You don’t really need to use it. Hold your protein to 100-120 grams a day.

An average fat intake of 55 grams is good. Fat provides satiety, helping food stay with you far a longer time. Spread your fat intake throughout the day.

I noticed that you are quite the nibbler-you eat every 2 to 3 hours. This is fine-it works into your schedule well? What brings you to eat when you do? Are you hungry?

The column on the right of the time on the food diary is labeled Hunger Level. Try to pay attention each time you go to eat, or even think about eating, and rate your hunger on this scale.

Focus on how your stomach feels, not your taste buds. Rate your hunger before and after you eat each time you eat.

Nutrition Evaluation — You get plenty of calcium rich foods in your diet. You should have two servings of fruit daily-some orange juice in the morning or grapes later. You eat calorie dense foods, even though they are lower in fat. Adding more fruits and vegetables to meals will give you more to eat, more vitamins and phytochemicals, but not much more in calories. You could use more fiber, also. You rely on bagels daily — how about whole-grain bread, and high-fiber cereals? You had spinach once a week; try for more green and bright red and orange foods daily.

Keep up the good work. Use the daily diary one more week. I am attaching the weekly diary for you to use after you end in next week. It will be fewer files to transfer.


Great job with your exercise this week. I know that the walk you took with your friend did not feel like you got a great workout, but you’re right: it was better than not doing anything. Plus, sometimes it’s nice for a change to exercise leisurely and take in the sights.

I’d like to make a suggestion relative to your cardiovascular workouts — do them one time per week, increase the intensity and decrease the time down to 45 minutes. You’ll burn about the same amount of calories but you’ll get in a little better shape. Vary the activity you choose to do this with each week.

Regarding your weight training, things look great. If you are getting 15 reps easily on some of your exercises, don’t be afraid to bump up the resistance the smallest increment amount. This will make you work harder and get results quicker.


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