Week Three

Counting fat grams – what an eye opener! Of course, I waited until the end of the week to do it, but the little ways in which I was sabotaging my own efforts immediately became obvious to me. Those cookies appeared harmless, but they really added up.

Hopefully, now that I have become aware of their lethal fat dosage I will be better able to resist them. Generally, I also saw a rise in my desire for sweet things. I’m not sure why. It seems strange, since I was eating more fruit. Could that be triggering my sweet tooth?

On exercising, I let my busy work schedule take control once again. Several days went by without any positive reinonforcement of my mental desire to keep moving. I did manage to get at least three good exercise sessions in this week – though it was pure willpower. The first few minutes are a real struggle and then the last five (on the crosstrainer) I seem to be watching the clock. This week I would like to move the goal up to either a slightly longer session each time or one more time per week – any advice on which would have the greater benefit, Armand?

This week also contained several “entertainment” meals that cost me a lot in terms of control and overall fat grams. It is one of the things that my husband and I enjoy doing, so I need to find a good balance that will work both when I’m giving a dinner party and when I am being hosted. I find it difficult to turn down a treat that a hostess has gone to a lot of work to prepare. But adding up the fat grams involved in this week’s escapades has raised my awareness. Now it’s time for me to practice what I have learned.

So, with renewed hope and my new insights, perhaps next week will be better. I managed to inch down another pound, but would like to move it down at least two per week. See how reasonable I am!


Yes, tracking fat grams can help you select healthier food. You averaged 40 fat grams per day, doing better as the week went on. Of course, the wine and martini do not rack up any fat grams, but still bring you calories. Your choice of chicken sausage and turkey meatloaf were very good. It sounds like the eggplant and pepper stew is a tasty way to increase your vegetable intake. Is there any fat in that recipe?

Dinner parties are probably harder to handle than restaurants. I agree that it is difficult to say no to a hostess who is indulging you. If you are careful about your fat and calories throughout the week, you can treat yourself at these special events. Try to take small portions, limit the snacks before dinner and hold back on the alcohol. Homemade desserts are worth saving up for – do not waste precious calories on cookies from the store. Your sweets craving could be activated by the fact that you are paying such close attention to your food.

This week, also track your hunger levels before and after each meal, and total your fat grams each day so you have an idea of how you are doing and can make adjustments from meal to meal. You seem to be making progress. Keep up the good work!


You have had another great week of exercise. Congratulations! According to your log, however, you only got one stretching routine in. As I emphasized last week, you must remember to include the stretches after all of your workouts. If time is a factor, perhaps you could stretch after a warm shower.

Do you remember to cool down after each cardiovascular activity? Make sure you slow down your pace gradually rather than coming to a sudden stop. This will give your body adequate time to return to its resting state. Speaking of which, do you check your heart rate during the activity? Your target range is between 110 and 140 beats per minute. How do you feel during the aerobic portion – are you out of breath or able to maintain a conversation while still feeling exerted?

I sympathize with your motivation difficulties. The first couple of minutes are usually the toughest in a workout, since your body is warming up and getting adjusted to the increased intensity. But then you should fall into a rhythm that allows you to make it for the duration.

I would like to see you add another cardiovascular session of 20 to 30 minutes in duration. As I reiterated last week, your goal is 30 minutes per session. Try to reach that this week — good luck!

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