What You Need to Know About HGH Therapy

The growth hormones that are secreted by the somatotroph cells of the pituitary glands are protein-based peptides.  What they do is that they stimulate the growth, reproduction, regeneration of cells in the body.  Somatotropin is the growth hormone that is naturally produced and somatropin is the growth hormone produced synthetically through recombinant DNA technology and referred to as human growth hormones or simply HGH.

Before HGH was made synthetically, it was purified from multiple pituitary glands of deceased individuals.  This purified HGH was then used for treating children who had growth hormone deficiency and were suffering from dwarfism, hence, the beginning of HGH therapy.

The naturally produced growth hormone is normally at its peak production during youth and gradually decreases production as person gets older.  However, there are instances when a child or even an adult becomes significantly deficient of growth hormones.  Through HGH therapy, it has been reported that these patients with GH deficiency (not healthy individuals) had increased energy levels, bone density, muscle mass, immune system, and better skin tone.

What is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Therapy involving HGH is simply a treatment that will enable an individual with growth hormone deficiency to increase their deficient hormone.  Although growth hormone production decreases with age, it does not necessarily mean you cannot supplement the deficiency to gain the benefits that GH offers.  In fact, children who are clearly deficient of growth hormone levels can clearly benefit from taking HGH therapy.  This therapy can be done through the use of injections or pills.

HGH injections contain mostly the synthetic recombinant growth hormone. Since this is an injectable type, it means that the synthetically made growth hormones are delivered intravenously.  The truth is this is the most effective delivery method because HGH is introduced immediately to the bloodstream.  However, many question the risks involved if this is done without professional supervision.

HGH pills on the other hand are often the releaser type.  What this means is that they do not contain any form of growth hormone.  Instead, they contain relatively important ingredients that can help in stimulating the pituitary gland in producing more growth hormone.  What is good about this method of HGH therapy is that the increase of growth hormones inside the body is all-natural.

Who Benefits from Growth Hormone Therapy?

Children with dwarfism or obesity can greatly benefit from the increase levels of dwarfism because the can become leaner and achieve average height.

Adults can greatly benefit from the anti-aging property imbued in HGH therapy.  Since growth hormone is responsible for growth, reproduction, and regeneration of cells.  This means that through HGH therapy, the skin will be revitalized so aged individuals can look more vibrant and youthful.  Additional benefits of HGH therapy in adults is the improvement of the immune system, energy levels, and sexual performance.

Athletes can also benefit from the increased strength, energy, and stamina levels that HGH therapy brings.  This allows their performance to significantly increase, possibly why HGH use is banned in professional sports as it gives them unfair advantages to those that don’t.

Body builders are also known for taking HGH therapy due to the additional muscle mass that HGH creates.  Unlike steroids that makes cells swell to give muscles bulk, HGH increases the amount of cells to give muscles bulk.  This makes the increase in muscle mass more permanent.

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