When to Take Generic Tadalafil — A Brief Look

Tadalafil is the generic version of Cialis and is a medication given to patients who have a condition called erectile dysfunction (ED).  The reason why they are given this medication is so that they will get an erection and have momentary usage of their penises for sexual intercourse.  A man who suffers from erectile dysfunction is not able to get an erection even if he gets sexually stimulated.  Normal men on the other hand, at the presence of a sexual stimulus are likely to get erections whether they prefer to have it or not.  There are a number of factors that make rise to the condition of sexual impotence, but through tadalafil usage, a man with erectile dysfunction is able to get a penile erection highly suited for intercourse.

Tadalafil is classified under PDE5 inhibitor drugs whose main objective is the momentary treatment of sexual impotence.  Its classification is the same as that of Levitra and Viagra.  Although tadalafil was the last to be released among the big-three leading ED treatment drugs in the market, it is slowly gaining a strong foothold of the market share because more and more are discovering the effectiveness and the long-time effects of tadalafil.  Tadalafil has in total of around 36 hours effective time which is much significant as compared to the 8 hours that Viagra offers.  This simply means men can still get an erection during the span of a whole day, something which can be helpful should the couple decide for another round of lovemaking.

Tadalafil is safe to use and you can take it with or even without meals.  Nevertheless, you still need to undergo some types of precautions when you take the drug – the same type of precautions you will take in using other ED treatment medications.  One of the important precautions you need to take is to not take tadalafil alongside nitrate medications.  Nitrates are intended to maintain or lower one’s blood pressure and tadalafil by itself will also lower one’s blood pressure.  Taking both nitrates together with tadalafil may result in a seriously low blood pressure which can be fatal if left unattended and without any medical intervention.  Additionally, do not consume tadalafil alongside other ED medications.  The result of combining two ED drugs together may make you prone to the side-effect ED drugs are known for.

36 hours is said to be the overall effect time of  generic tadalafil.  Despite additional 12 hours of effect from a whole day, tadalafil is still safe enough to be taken daily.  When taking tadalafil daily, make sure that you follow a proper schedule.  If you miss that, take the drug immediately upon remembering the missed dose.  However, if the next scheduled intake is close, skip your missed dosage and wait for the next scheduled intake to take your medication.  You should never consume more than once per day.  You can also take tadalafil on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Be sure to let a whole day pass though before attempting to take the next one even though it is termed ‘as needed.’

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